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as well as others submitted to us by readers and fellow enthusiasts. 

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Lost Vale

HF 9797 registered June 1934. 

Purchased from an owner in Colindale, London in the early 1950's. David Nelms of Maidenhead restored the car and used it for every day work until he sold it on to a new owner in Middlesex in 1959, where it was  last seen. Records show that it was not registered with the new DVLA reorganisation in 1977. 

The original  colour was dark green but was later re-sprayed pale yellow with tan upholstery. Its distinctive feature was the absence of the n/s wind deflector (the reason for which was never known). It had its original Triumph 832cc s.v. engine and was fitted with cycle wings

From known chassis numbers and the registration date, it would suggest a VS 341/342/344 or later number. It may have been broken up for spares in which case the front axle, chassis cross-member or bulkhead may reveal a vital clue.

Any known information would be much appreciated.  Please contact David Nelms on (01189) 783 366 [UK]  or email:

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