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Images don't display properly.

PNG Test Image

This image should NOT show a white background.

This is a sign that your web-browser may be out of date. Some of the images used on this website are in the PNG format to allow use of  transparency.  Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (and earlier) does not properly support this feature (although it is a well established web-standard).

To fix the problem, you could upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 7. (Requires Microsoft Windows XP or Vista)

Firefox 2We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox is complaint with web regulations, is Safer, Faster and Better than Explorer.  It is also compatible with previous versions of Windows, as well as  Apple OS X, and Gnu/Linux.

Text not aligned correctly.

This is a common problem with all current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

We recommend using the Mozilla Firefox web browser instead of Internet Explorer as it is compliant with web standards and is capable of displaying websites properly.

Links don't work.

Again this is an issue with Internet Explorer and how it handles HTML buttons. 
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