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Submitted by Paul Nickalls:

“I didn't know that the Meadows 4EJ went into production. The blocks were used for the prototype Lagonda Rapier engines, and had the water jacket taken all the way down the cylinders. Any information on the 4EJ would be of interest.”

Reply by Dave Cox:

“At least two Vales were fitted with this engine, and a photo of one fitted in the ‘Dr Skinner ‘car is featured in my book. E.A Halford’s autobiography also mentioned him bench testing one of these engines, while at Vales. No known cars that have survived , have one of these engines fitted.”

Submitted by Annette Wilcoxon:

“I am from the same family as Henry Wilcoxon, and would love to be able to contact Dave Cox  re the Vale article.”

Reply by Dave Cox:

“A letter is on it’s way , and I can be contacted by email"


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