Vale Card  

Vale Card 2

Vale's First Trial

Original Vale advertising postcard, 1933 (Pellew family).

Another original card.

May 1933, Vales first competitive outing (Lands End Trial, premier award).

Lawrence Cup Trial


Rudge Whitworth Wheels

Lawrence Cup Trial (Gaspar narrowly misses outright win).

4-seater Tourette model, launched in June 1933.

Optional rudge whitworth wheels (10 gns extra to you sir!)

Brooklands Relay Race Cedric Morgan London to Barnstaple Trial

1933 Brooklands Light Car Relay Race (Allan Gaspar in his car AGO 794).

Cedric Morgan in the 'B' car (AGX 173)

Gaspar and works foreman Arthur Sowman on the London to Barnstaple trial (premier award)

Donnington Crash 1933 Card ALC 156

Production manager Robert Wilcoxon's serious crash at Donington.

1933 period advertising. 

John Strelitz's car ALC 158 in the early sixties when just sold by him (he now owns it again!)